Christina Moore

S1:E6 Transparency: Can you see it?

Transparency helps ensure economic justice for our citizens.
Transparency in governance means that we can follow the flow of money into our communities.
Transparency ought to be visible and likely follow conventions such as OpenData that the US Adopted in 2009. NYC does. USA does not – and the USA keep backing away from it.

Fired Inspectors General

S1:E3 No Corruption here…Is there?

5 inspectors general fired in a few weeks after business hours on Fridays. Does this impact the CARES Act oversight committee? IGs are supposed to be independent watchdogs yet they get fired, will that change the process of investigating corruption?

Container Trucks with Corpses

S1:E2 Dead Don’t Float but They Do Vote

We are tampering with evidence as we manage the dead during crisis and disasters. We lose count and information as we shuffle corpses into refrigerated trucks. We still debate the number of dead from the 2017 hurricanes in Puerto Rico: 64, 2950, 4000. Puerto Rico stored bodies for over 2 years in 11 trucks. Are we doing the same in 2020 with CoronaVirus?