The History of Now Season 2

Homeland Security has a Data Problem

Three government report headlines tell one story. Headline Number One: Homeland Security has a Data Problem! Headline Number Two: Inspector General Demonstrates 22% Error Rate with FEMA Programs. Headline Number Three: FEMA to provide $1B for infrastructure and communities. What could possibly go wrong? Let’s explore than now.

Pay me Twice, Please or Does FEMA really overpay by 20%?

The U.S. government’s response to COVID involves contradictory, complicated, and confusing streams of funding. The government committed to spent at least $4 trillion to assist with the response, management, and recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Funding for government responses; funding for research and vaccine development; funding for vaccine distribution; funding now for personal funerals; funding for state, county, and municipal responses; funding for personal protective equipment; funding to hospitals and first responders. These funds, like so much of what the U.S. governments funds, become grants. Nearly every agency administers grant programs while distributing grant funds. The agency with the greatest responsibility has a demonstrated, through public audits of an error rate over 20%.
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