True Crime

Thieves of State: Why Corruption Threatens Global Security

S1:E14 Thieves of State

Show Notes 02 Sep 2020 Podcast Video Script Is corruption involved in the calamities of 2020? I began probing this question this year. As part of my research, I read a pair of books by Sarah Chayes. The first book, “Thieves of State” published in 2015, explores governmental corruption. It links governments to the …

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S1:E12 FEMA – Fiddle, Fumble, Flop

FEMA – widely criticized for failures in 2005 following Hurricane Katrina is on path for the same failures in 2020. What will a major hurricane during a pandemic look like? Is there a plan for transporting, feeding, and/or sheltering people? And will this plan actually prevent the loss of personal data for 2.3M Americans? In 2018, they did a large-scale sheltering program. FEMA fiddled, fumbled, and flopped. Then lost data! Helluva Job FEMA

S1:E11 Knobs and Twiddly Bits

We continue to deny full rights to 6 million Americans because of racist rulings from the Supreme Court over a century ago. The same court that ruled: Separate But Equal was cool, suppresses voting rights for Americans today, 115 years later. Moving closer to economic justice and a fight against corruption requires we welcome all US Passport holders to the voting roles.

S1:E9 75% Failure Rate…Not Good, Huh?

In a typical year, 75% of FEMA fund recipients, usually local governments and non-profits fail to follow the law. While the original analysis I did has aged some over the last four years, I’ll bet we’re still looking at massive failures with disaster related funds.
First, show you how I derived this failure rate.
Second, I’ll show you the significant risks you and I have when communities fail to manage FEMA and federal grants well.
Third, I am going to place blame. You and I know that during these months I have done little to name names and point fingers